Monday, 5 September 2016

Discover Self

Until you discover yourself and know your true worth, you wouldn't appreciate and carry yourself like you should. Kings often misrepresent themselves as slaves and servants on the other hand think they are kings, forgetting all it takes is time and one day the crown would locate its rightful owner. Destiny can be delayed but cannot be changed and no matter the powers holding you down and trying to truncate your destiny, one day it will be God's turn to bring his words to pass and fulfil the purpose for which you were created.

No doubt I know we are living in a world full of evil and there are forces we contend with everyday, but the reason most people don't often live to their greatest potentials is because they don't really know themselves and what they are capable of. Every man and I mean everyone created by God and walking through the surface of the earth was moulded with a gift or even more. These gifts are meant to be our power and a form of shield from evil but we often don't know about them and even if we were fortunate enough to have been told, we rather choose to disregard and allow ourselves fall deep in the pits of life that could have easily been averted.

I wish I could blame it on youthful exuberance but I can't because even our fathers and mothers till today still find themselves making the same mistake and we can only but wonder how greatly these have truncated the destinies of man and would rather have ourselves blaming forces we are actually the ones helping to fuel their generating set. And just to put a little more light to what am talking about, I will like to quickly use myself as a case study and hope these helps give a better perception of what inspiration brought to the table today.

For me, I've got the gift of the dream and an intuition like no other. God speaks to me through my sleep and nothing can happen to me, either good or bad without a revelation about it a day or a couple of days before. But then also, I can choose to regard or disregard, that wouldn't stop God from doing his own part anyway, after all we've been empowered to our own will. And In addition to that, my intuition if it were a car would be the latest model of the G-wagon Benz series. My mind is like a twin I never had, am a reflection of it and could rather choose to look good in the picture or be caught striking a bad pose depending on how good I yield to his yawning.

Well, like so many of us out there right now reading this, I wish I could boldly say I hadn't discovered these awesome gifts long ago but I would only be lying to myself because I actually did and only chose not to pay attention. The truth is, God knew us even before he created us and He's totally aware of every adversity and setback we've had to face and are bound to still face because to every new level is a new devil. But then, this ever faithful God to whom I dedicate this piece had fully equipped us in creation with the bow and arrows we need to conquer each of these war and we chose to neglect them and pick up the pen instead, forgetting no Doctorate degree of the highest level can train us to be the Lieutenant we ought to be, if there are to be any chances of us getting behind the enemy line and switching things up a little bit.

I want us to know everyday is a battle and as christians you've been licensed to kill, in as much as you're using the word. The scripture is equipped with as much AK-47 we need to have the enemy throw in the towel but how can we load and fire a gun we never knew we had. The good people of the united states of the world, it's time to rediscover yourself and start living. Create more time for that small still voice that constantly calls for your attention, or maybe you're the type that is blessed with the gift of the dream just like me to mention a few, the day you discover yourself is the day you start living, so wake up and start taking advantage of those awesome gift the Lord has given you.

Kay Magnate

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