Friday, 2 September 2016

Readers Are Leaders

The reading culture of the Nigerian youth is deteriorating and has gone from bad to worse. People now prefer investing their time in playing video games rather than picking up a book or scooping through a well written article. Now tell me, what does it profit a man if he cracks up a Nintendo game and gains over a billion points, does he intend building a lake house with that. And on the other hand, what doesn't it profit a man when he reads a good book that helps give him a better shot at life.

Well, the decision is yours and yours alone to make, books are written to liberate the soul and not to stock up the shelf. Readers are leaders and every time invested in reading yields tangible dividends. You can't run on a low speed or monitor your gauge when your car is running on sufficient gas. In other words, let's create an healthy reading atmosphere in our homes and around our peers and there won't be a worry of a future collapse knowing we built on a solid foundation.

The truth is, the great men of the world, both the dead and living are readers. The rich don't just have libraries in their home just for the beauty of it, they actually read and can't stop reading. Develop a reading lifestyle today and if you're not the type that is patient enough to pick up books at stores and libraries near you, why not go online, technology has made life easy and you can get to sign up for some E-books right there in your living room and place of sanctuary.

The day we discover ourselves is the day we start living and the day we stop reading is the day we start dying. I mean, I've found myself at different crossroads and in one of those very instances, life was at a standstill and I was only able to get the wheel back up and running because I refused to give in to my fear producing thoughts and allowed Joyce Meyer do the trick. You know, it's funny how we can loose the pain and have our doubt fade away through the pages of a book. To be Informed is to be empowered and sometimes that might be all we need for that life changing transformation.

It is not everything we run to our spiritual leaders for, we'll be surprised how a geography book can turn a life around. So many people's miracle have been delayed due to wrong positioning when all the clue they need is right there on that piece of atlas just sitting in their study waiting to be read. And like I always say, it's better late than never and today you can choose to enrich your soul and redefine your existence. Invest your time in reading books and it really doesn't matter what your area of interest or expertise is, just make sure it's worth the read.

In conclusion, you can never go wrong reading a good book. For some, the secrets of life are hidden in between those lines while some are written to inspire your next move. And for me, I will rather be caught glancing through the pages of a good book than found staring at the butt of that hot video vixen in our favorite music channels. Time is priceless and too precious to be wasted, be sure you're investing each second on something with an appreciating value for the future. And if you ask me, reading happens to be on top of that very list so why not make it an habit to grab a book from time to time or better still, you can decide to bookmark a couple interesting blogs today and get to be a benefactor of what inspiration brings to the table.

"Read and be wise, don't and be prepared to pay the price"

Kay Magnate

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