Sunday, 9 October 2016

My Country, My Dream

Writing a book isn't the problem but not been taken advantaged of is. The print world is full of Lions and Gorillas, so be careful when you're writing your first because it could also be your last. Be sure you have it all figured out before leaving your pen to bleed because there are people out there who are ready to take all the credit in exchange for a few pennies and that raises a fear and sure kills the motivation. Truth is, the country is full of individuals walking around each day with a broken dream, not because they want to but because the country forced them to.

Our leaders sell us some piece of crap in exchange for our votes, promising the world if they get elected and eventually we are the ones who reach to the bottom of our purse to pay for the debt owed for a lie that was sold to us. Many grew up wanting to be LAWYERs and DOCTORs and now LAWMAs and CONDUCTORs, well, they are still enforcing the law and conducting the operation, not just in our courts and theater rooms. Who do we blame? Is it our leaders who effortlessly strive to enrich themselves or the people who continuously sell out their votes and their right to make a difference?.

We can still make that change, let's not say we lost on the election day because I have so much believe in the present administration and would rather want us to win the war within ourselves first and worry about the government later. We are the nation, the people and the dream, and Nigeria can only loose when we do. If we choose to win today, we would be surprised how things would begin to change for the better. Let's stop these negative utterances we make, there's power in the tongue my people. No matter how bad things might be for the Americans, they'll always conclude by saying "God bless America", do you know how far that goes?

Let's be nation builders and not killers, you can still become who you want to be as long as you're still breathing, you're a part of the Nigerian dream. So many great men have lost their lives to the struggles of wanting to make a difference so that we all can eat right. There's always light at the end of the tunnel and Nigeria might be going through its dark moments right now, but remember we took our country back from the British and will definitely bring our girls back.

The troubles we are facing today are compilation of truth neglected yesterday. What we sow is what we would reap, period. No one is innocent of these wrongs, we've all played an active role in the failure of our democracy. But then ofcourse like I always say, it's pointless pointing fingers when we can use that valuable time to come up with a positive plan that soon gets us out of this mess and put us back where we should be on the map. Nigeria is a great country and regardless it's shortcoming, it remains one. We just need to wake up from our slumber and start living the dream.

The truth is, if you have an orange and you don't take good care of it, it starts to rotten and that's where we find ourselves today. God has blessed this nation richly but we chose to act like spoilt brats and we are like the prodigal son who squandered all his father gave him and now crying back to God for help when by this time we should be making major impact on the world. Show me a country that is blessed than Nigeria and our geography books and world maps would be a fraud. God bless Nigeria, we are in recession and not at war, collectively we can build our golden nation back up and get hunger out of our land.

I believe in this nation, I believe in the Nigerian dream, I believe in the current disposition and finally, I believe in the coming together of you and me. Nigeria is one nation, one people, when we win, we rejoice together and when we fail, we cry together. Let's not leave it all in the hands on our leader and keep pushing blames on them, we've all failed each other and it's time we make things right. The change starts with you and together we would mount the national flag back up and keep the green white green flying again.

God Bless Nigeria !

Kay Magnate

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