Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wedding, Marriage Or What?

It's about time some truth is said and passed on to the next generation and hope they learn a thing or two. It's heart breaking when I read through the print media and find some alarming stories of how what we claim to be love turns into a social media mess that wasn't even meant to be associated with a third party in the first place. Marriage no doubt is an institution, but only meant to be attended by the husband and wife who exchanged vows, swearing to an everlasting life together. But then, that's not what even breaks my heart the most, what really does is the response to it. I turn on my internet and visit some of my favorite blogs and there it is; fingers been pointed and they blame it all on "Domestic Violence" while the problem on actual fact lies with us.

Truth be said, most people today get married for the wrong reasons. Now tell me how such an institution is suppose to produce good grades when the foundation is faulty. And if I may, I will like to relate that to our educational system because I remember vividly well in my first year where scholars with the highest jamb score couldn't even pass a single arithmetic test. Its just so sad how we lay so much emphasis on the wedding and not the marriage. We are so concerned with what he got stocked in the bank, forgetting it won't be too long before he finds someone just as beautiful and sex satisfying as you.

Well, for me, I will not miss it at the point of marriage because I don't want a wedding that would be "televised" but a marriage that's "scripturised", please excuse my french. And that is, finding that special someone with whom I would some day raise a generation to change the world. My beautiful sisters, It's not about getting married, it's staying married. Don't loose a whole life of happiness for a year or maybe two of fancy clothes and trips to the Bahamas. Take this as a wake up call and let's put an end to domestic violence in our homes. We can and yes we will.

It is time we start getting married for the right reasons because it's only but a matter of time before your home comes crashing down if you marry for the wrong reasons. Sex doesn't guarantee a successful marriage, it only keeps it going for a while and neither can beauty or even riches, it's the combination of it all and a few other unmentioned important element that stands a chance through the fire. And I would have loved to take some time out to straighten that out but that's a topic for another day, however, most importantly, be sure of your sincere feelings for your spouse and don't get carried away by the things he's bringing to the table. The moment he's limited in his supplies, your relationship hits rock bottom if your marriage has been based on material and physical things.

So therefore, take your time to really get to know each other and don't rush anything. Love grows and until you see him as a future you'll rather not live without, keep your calm and while at it, introduce yourself to his flaws and see if it's a partnership that's workable. Forget that part of him that makes you laugh and feel wonderful and worry about what disgust you and see if you can make peace with it. It is until then you're ready to tie that knot and live in holy matrimony. So many of us have gotten it wrong but we can start making amends now. No doubt, money is very important but with the right love and care, you can make him tap into his wealth zone and become the best version of himself. Let's change our approach towards marriage and build Godly homes for God, the future depends on it and it starts with you.

Kay Magnate


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