Sunday, 28 May 2017

Living My Own Romance, Inspirational Novel

I really don't care about the fat checks and huge sacks of Naira notes because I know they'll come at the right time. What matters to me right now is touching lives and helping the lost and hopeless rediscover themselves. You know, life is not a bed of roses but through my pen I try to hand you a rose with a scent so strong, it paves a way through. However, It is okay if you don't acknowledge the great work the Lord is doing through me, in as much as you profess the transformation it's doing in you and spend each day aspiring to live to your greatest potential. 

I am just but a loyal and humble servant of the most high whose greater reward waits in heaven. The righteous like I'm told die with a lot of benefit and let's also not forget the wonderful blessings I get to enjoy right here on earth as well. The truth is, no one quits his or her job and walks about their broke asses each day dedicating their lives to doing the father's work and lives to regret obeying the instruction to do so. And just because I know this and can count on His promises, I am not moved by humans. I mean, human acknowledgment and fat checks just don't cut it, especially when I find myself in the midst of mortals who have sold their souls and lost total touch with the true essence of creation and would do just about anything for riches and self-recognition.

It is okay to be appreciative when you come across a good line gracing my pages but leave all praise and glory to the one who has sent me because the words belongs to him, I'm just lucky enough to be the vessel that banks them. If there's anything I've learnt through my long years in christian-dom and life generally, then it's to give honor to whom due and spend each second humbling myself because the owner of these gifts we possess and boast so much about can take them all away, by just a single snap of His fingers. 

Having said that, I admonish we live each day taking full advantage of the grace bestowed upon us but spend not a single day allowing ourselves to be carried away because that would only be paving way for pride to set in and that my friends is like purchasing a one way ticket to 'self-destruct'. You know, I've spent the past months sharing with you all some privileged information and life drama, and many of which happens to be my own personal story and today I would say, “My blog is about living my own romance and inspirational novel.”

 God bless!

Kay Magnate

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