Friday, 26 August 2016

When My Pen Bleed

Souls are guaranteed to be liberated when my pen bleed and this isn't a question of how I intend doing that but a matter of when he needs me to get it done. Am in sync with the creator and we can say am a voice that needs to be heard. Apparently, the world has fed us with a lot of lies and even when we know the truth, we rather choose to fall for its manipulating tongue. Now there's a little or no fight at all between right and wrong because the last time I checked, statistics of point scored has greatly tilted to the negative side and we can only but wonder how soon we would get knocked out by life.

It's crazy and highly unbelievable how we've stooped so low and allowed ourselves to be over ride by our right to our own will and are unarguably misusing the grace that has been given to us but let's not forget that no matter how big a storage tank is, if there's no power supply to pump for a refill, the tap runs out. For instance, in recent years, I've been living with an hacked school of thought that was greatly infected with the world's most dangerous virus and was left with a messed up mindset that had me heading for an emergency crash land and if not for grace, where would I be, talk more of writing this piece.

Time is too short to be wasted and you're not guaranteed the next minute, so why not use the seconds wisely. I've heard a couple stories of people dying and been restored back to life after given the privilege of having an encounter with the agent of death and a quick glance at what heaven and hell looks like but I don't need to travel that far to know that people prefer the raining season when there are light showers and that cool night breeze that curdles us to sleep to the extreme heat that the summer sun burns our beautiful skins with.

Basically, where you intend spending your holidays when you're on that permanent leave from life and your soul has been taken away from you is a matter of choice. You can decide to join the train with me this day as we take a ride through wrong and right and let's begin to retrace our steps back to our maker and make corrections where we must have missed it earlier in life. Remember, missing a call from someone we owe doesn't mean we purposely neglected it, but not putting a call through after we must have seen the missed calls when we are not restricted by the lack of airtime is what raises eye brows. 

In other words, you still have a chance to make things right as long as you're still breathing. Make that call to your mother who you're so mad at and haven't spoken to in so many years. Tomorrow might be too late and you sure don't want to live the rest of your life in guilt knowing you had the chance to make things right today. And maybe you're an employer of that beautiful lady that was sacked because she refused to play along and allow herself to be harassed and molested by your ungodly hands. Well, today is that day that your conscience has been waiting for and that's if you've got one anyway. It's time to make things right when you still can.

I really wish I could go on and on making references to different life scenarios we could have gone wrong but at this point I choose to leave us to our conscience to be the judge of how faithful we've been exploring our options and if we've gone wrong in any way, I advice we purchased a first class ticket to be a part of this joyful ride initiated by this piece, as it hopes to leads us right back to the Lord's heart. It's a privilege to be a chosen vessel, especially when you're partnering with God on a project that creates a platform that allows the people to absolutely be themselves, expressing their true feelings and sharing it with the world.

And for those who still wonder, well I’m a Christian but not the type that points a finger at Muslims, pagans and even the idol worshipers because I believe we were all created by the same God and for a special purpose which the world wouldn't be complete without. Ostensibly, when my pen bleed, I speak the truth about things that we shy away from in our churches, mosques and various places of worship.

Kay Magnate

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